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Lighting Designer


‘the initial reveal of the choir was lightingly hauntingly beautiful’
‘They emerge into a warm haze that keeps fading them in and out of focus. It’s a beautifully atmospheric staging for Jonas’s subtly biting Toh-Kuhn’
‘wonderful sense of space and a refreshing restraint  and simplicity that could only come from someone with a deep understanding of timing and drama’
Wackit Contest [3rd prize winner] feedback :
‘Beautifully abstract – respects the music – sense of breath and air – good atmospheric intro – intriguing start (from above & behind) – sensitive & dramatic – a really different approach – a very sensitive entry - I love the sensitivity of this piece: especially the ‘billowing lighting curtain’ behind the piano’
‘Gorgeous work! I love the texture you gave the stage with those movers, I hardly recognize it’
‘that's a very creative use of movers’
‘I can often tell when a dancer has moved into the lighting world. You, of course, have such a clear understanding of progression and movement; natural for dancers and it often makes people with dance and/or music training naturals in the world of lighting’
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